Ionic4项目中我们可以使用Ionic4路由组件ion-route对项目进行布局。ion-route中有ionic ion-route 属性(Properties) ,ionic ion-route 事件(Events)等

Router is a component that can take a component, and render it when the Browser URl matches the url prop

Note: this is only meant for vanilla JavaScript project. For Angular projects, use ion-router-outlet and the Angular router.

ion-route 属性(Properties)



Name of the component to load/select in the navigation outlet (ion-tabs, ion-nav) when the route matches.

The value of this property is not always the tagname of the component to load, in ion-tabs it actually refers to the name of the ion-tab to select.

Attribute component
Type string



A key value { 'red': true, 'blue': 'white'} containing props that should be passed to the defined component when rendered.

Type undefined | { [key: string]: any; }



Relative path that needs to match in order for this route to apply.

Accepts paths similar to expressjs so that you can define parameters in the url /foo/:bar where bar would be available in incoming props.

Attribute url
Type string

ion-route 事件(Events)

Name Description
ionRouteDataChanged Used internally by `ion-router` to know when this route did change.