The option buttons for an ion-item-sliding. These buttons can be placed either on the start or end side. You can combine the ionSwipe event plus the expandable directive to create a full swipe action for the item.

Side description

Side Position Swipe direction
start To the left of the content in LTR, and to the right in RTL. From left to right in LTR, and from right to left in RTL.
end To the right of the content in LTR, and to the left in RTL. From right to left in LTR, and from left to right in RTL.

ion-item-options 属性(Properties)



The side the option button should be on. Possible values: "start" and "end". If you have multiple ion-item-options, a side must be provided for each.

Attribute side
Type "end" | "start"
Default 'end'

ion-item-options 事件(Events)

Name Description
ionSwipe Emitted when the item has been fully swiped.