Code Push


CodePush plugin for Cordova by Microsoft that supports iOS and Android.

Ionic 微软消息推送 Code Push插件的安装(Installation)

ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-code-push npm install @ionic-native/code-push

Ionic 微软消息推送 Code Push插件支持的平台(Supported Platforms)

  • Android
  • iOS

Ionic 微软消息推送 Code Push插件的用法(Usage)

import { CodePush } from '@ionic-native/code-push';

constructor(private codePush: CodePush) { }


// note - mostly error & completed methods of observable will not fire
// as syncStatus will contain the current state of the update
this.codePush.sync().subscribe((syncStatus) => console.log(syncStatus));

const downloadProgress = (progress) => { console.log(`Downloaded ${progress.receivedBytes} of ${progress.totalBytes}`); }
this.codePush.sync({}, downloadProgress).subscribe((syncStatus) => console.log(syncStatus));