Gao De Location


Because the original GPS positioning uses Google Browser positioning, and Google withdraws from China, resulting in GPS Android positioning can not be positioned. Gaode location can directly return address informationGaode location can directly return address information

Ionic 高德定位Gao De Location插件的安装(Installation)

ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-gaodelocation-chenyu npm install @ionic-native/gao-de-location

Ionic 高德定位Gao De Location插件支持的平台(Supported Platforms)

  • Android
  • iOS

Ionic 高德定位Gao De Location插件的用法(Usage)

import { GaoDeLocation } from '@ionic-native/gao-de-location';

constructor(private gaoDeLocation: GaoDeLocation) { }

.then((res: PositionOptions) => console.log(res))
.catch((error) => console.error(error));