Launch Review


Assists in leaving user reviews/ratings in the App Stores. - Launches the platform's App Store page for the current app in order for the user to leave a review. - On iOS (10.3 and above) invokes the native in-app rating dialog which allows a user to rate your app without needing to open the App Store.

Ionic Launch Review插件的安装(Installation)

ionic cordova plugin add cordova-launch-review npm install @ionic-native/launch-review

Ionic Launch Review插件支持的平台(Supported Platforms)

  • Android
  • iOS

Ionic Launch Review插件的用法(Usage)

import { LaunchReview } from '@ionic-native/launch-review';

constructor(private launchReview: LaunchReview) { }


  .then(() => console.log('Successfully launched store app');

    .then(() => console.log('Successfully launched rating dialog'));